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High-tech design fused with artisan techniques

At Project Rattan, we fuse high tech and low tech to bring you beautiful, bespoke furniture that is ethically made, toxic free and custom designed.

We create:

  • Rattan Screens: wall mounted & free standing

  • Dining Chairs

  • Accent Tables

  • Lounge Furniture: Infinity range

  • Lighting installations

  • Bespoke architectural designs for internal spaces - visit our gallery here

It is a unique process and partnership: our designers work with high level digital technology to create the form which regional & noble materials then inhabit, through the skill of local artisan craftsmanship.  

Directly supporting the craftspeople

At Project Rattan we create ethical and sustainable products. Consciousness about design and the environment is intrinsic to everything that we do. Furthermore, the proceeds from our design projects go to the people that need it – the client pays the artisans direct. When you sit on a Project Rattan chair, not only does it feel good but you can feel good about it too.

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